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Pool Fence Laws in Arizona


The following pool safety requirements are for residences with a swimming pool where one or more children under 6 live.
A.R.S. 36-1681 orders that a swimming pool, or water feature which is 18 inches+ deep at any point and wider than 8 ft at any point and is designed for swimming be protected by an enclosure (wall, fence, or barrier) that surrounds the pool area.

In ground and above ground pools shall meet the following enclosure requirements:

  • Must surround the entire pool by at least a 5 ft wall, fence or other barrier

  • Safety System shall be at least 20 inches from the water's edge.

  • The wall, fence or barrier shall not contain:
    • Gaps through which something 4 inches in diameter can pass through.

    • Handholds or footholds accessible from the exterior side of the enclosure that can be used to climb the wall, fence or barrier
  • The horizontal parts of any enclosure system shall be spaced not less than 45 inches apart measured vertically or shall be placed on the swimming pool side of a wall, fence or barrier which shall not have any opening greater than 1.3/4 inches measured horizontally.

  • Wire mesh or chain link fences shall have a maximum mesh size of 1. inches measured horizontally.

If a residence or living area constitutes part of the enclosure required above of the requirements, there shall be one of the following:
  • Between the swimming pool and the residence or living area, a minimum 4 foot wall, fence or barrier to the pool area which meets all of the requirements above.

  • The pool shall be protected by a motorized safety pool cover which requires the operation of a key switch which meets the American society of testing and materials emergency standards 13-89 and which does not require manual operation other than the use of the key switch.

  • All ground level doors or other doors with direct access to the swimming pool or other contained body of water shall be equipped with a self-latching device which meets the requirements below.

  • Emergency escape or rescue windows from sleeping rooms with access to the swimming pool or other contained body of water shall be equipped with a latching device not less than 54 inches above the floor.

  • All other open able dwelling unit or guest room windows with similar access shall be equipped with a screwed in place wire mesh screen, or a keyed lock that prevents opening the window more than 4 inches, or a latching device located not less than 54 inches above the floor.

  • Above ground swimming pools must have non-climbable exterior sides which are a minimum height of 4 feet. Any access ladder or steps shall be removable without tools and secured in an inaccessible position with a latching device not less than fifty-4 inches above the ground when the pool is not in use.


    Gates for the enclosure shall:

  • Be self-closing and self-latching:
    • with the latch located at least 54 inches above the underlying ground or

    • on the pool side of the gate with a release mechanism at least 5 inches below the top of the gate and no opening greater than 1/2 inch within 24 inches of the release mechanism or

    • be secured by a padlock or similar device which requires a key, electric opener or

    • integral combination which can have the latch at any height.
  • Open outward from the pool.

Public Swimming Pools

The Public swimming pools in Arizona must be VGB Federal Pool and Spa Safety Act compliant.

Signed by the U.S. President Bush on December 2007, the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act (P&SSAct) has been in effect since December 19, 2008. This code is designed to prevent swimming pool accidents.

The VGB Act established U.S. CPSC standards for pool and spa insurance. Under the law, every drain cover must meet ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 in all public pools and spas. The water facilities which have only one main drain different than an unblockable drain must establish a 2nd device to contend for entrapments.

The fabrication, the trade or retail of drain covers which are not in conformity with the safety measures required by the CPSC is prohibited in USA to ensure that all drain covers accessible in the marketplace are compliant with safety specifications.

Each public pool must set up anti-entrapment drain covers and implement other levels of security such as SVRS or barriers.

A pool contractor should verify that the pool and/or spa is compliant with the federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

Arizona Department of Health Services
Arizona Department of Health Services

For supplementary info about local safety requirements for private swimming pools, please call your city's building department. Or to get free swimming pool fence quote please call us at 1-888-919-2229 or search for a local installer near you.